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Sascha Benjamin Jazbec

The drivers are a huge matter to overall Desktop/3D Performance and
Aero-Behaviour, of Course too.

Before I had installed the new RC1 nvidia drivers on my Geforce 6200 Vistas
Experience index showed up as 2,0 ( have only 512 RAM and Duron 1,8 GhZ)
after installing nvidia drivers and rerun the experience indexer it said 2,7

I can play all my games very well now, some even run smoother than on XP
(AOE3 for example)

Aero Desktop / Animating windows and so is very very much quicker in
reacting to mouseclicks and smooth as can be.

I love this Vista RC1 ! and bet I will buy a Home-Premium copy, RTM version
will see even more performance and better drivers. - so... Gratulations
Microsoft !

"Roberto Baggio" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:[email protected]
>I don't have any newer games to test the frame rate with, so I had to use a
>copy of Quake 3.
> Setup includes 6600GT, AMD x2 64 3800+, 2GB RAM. Game set to run at
> 1024x768, everything turned up.
> With Vista RC1, I got 55fps.
> I then downloaded and installed the RC1 drivers from NVidia's website.
> Tested the frame rate again, and this time received 285fps. This number
> is comparable to what I get on WinXP.
> With the x64 version of RC1, I found the same behaviour.

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