RE: Can't get above 10 fps in ANY game



Unfortunately, I've updated to RC1 and it's even worse! For instance in
CoD:UO even the menu screen is laggy!!! I have to turn down to lowest video
setting at 640x480 for it to feel responsive at all... there's just no way
this isn't running on SW Acceleration. I agree with some other comments
earlier... this simply isn't acceptable for an RC1 release, whether it's
ATI's fault for not getting drivers out the door, or MS's fault. Either way,
it's unacceptable this late in the game. I'm seriously reconsidering buying
Vista when it comes out now.

Note: everything else is superb! But I am a gamer, and this is what matters
to me. I don't think many gamers are beta testing, because is crazy...

"Joe" wrote:

> good news, i just read paul thurrott's review of RC1 and he said high end
> games like hl2 have gone from being unplayable in beta 2, to the same
> performance that was achived in xp. get your hands on rc1 and you should be
> ready to roll. if you havnt been to his site befor i suggest checking it out
> "jzahra" wrote:
> > I installed Vista Beta 2 (5384?) and I now have format-installed Pre-RC1
> > (5536). Everything in this build seems to be very polished and smooth. I
> > have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, and it's running the Vista visual effects/Aero
> > effect very nicely, however I still cannot game at all.
> >
> > I installed a few games, including Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United
> > Offensive. Both of these games are older and my hardware runs them
> > flawlessly on XP, however in Vista, I only get above 10 FPS if I look to the
> > edge of a map or into the sky. It almost "feels" like it's using Software
> > rendering instead of Hardware.
> >
> > To be sure it wasn't a driver issue, I went to ATI's website and got the
> > drivers listed on their site. Granted the drivers say they are ONLY released
> > for RC1 (5600 I believe?), it seems most people are saying they should work
> > fine with 5536. Everything installed fine, and I can open up the ATI control
> > panel and everything looks right, except that OpenGL is listed as "Not
> > Available." Direct 3D version is
> >
> > Full screen video, and Media Center video/effects work fine, however games
> > do not. I even tried running a game in windowed mode, same deal. What
> > gives?? Am I doing something wrong?
> >
> > Help!!

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