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Robert Aldwinckle

"Maurice Konings" <[email protected]> wrote in
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> When i'm using my computer for about 20 minutes and want to login
> messenger it doesnt login. Only when i reset my ethernet card (simply turn
> off with rightclick on network icon) and turn it on again (the same way)
> then it wil login.

Are you getting any kind of connection prompt then? FWIW in W7 I have
noticed that when the connection is down that apps like WLMessenger and
WLMail invoke old style dial-up connection prompts which frequently don't
work. In that case what does work is using the Start menu's Connect To
menu item which then brings up a newer dial-up connection prompt. (I
actually have a DSL connection but the OS knows about the PPPoE.)

> I dont know witch settings i need to change so it will always login when i
> want it ?

This isn't the best newsgroup to look for help with that IMO. You would
certainly need to disclose your OS and details about your networking
configuration here first in any case.

Also, this is something that your ISP may be able to help you with over the

Good luck

Robert Aldwinckle

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