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Re: Can't see status bar


Robert Aldwinckle

(cross-post added to Vista General)
"Neil" <Neil@xxxxxx> wrote in message

> I've lost my status bar...using IE 7.0
> I know how to enable/disable it using the menu options...that's not the
> problem. The status bar is still there, but it is hidden behind the vista
> taskbar (using vista home premium). when i set the taskbar to auto-hide, the
> status bar appears again. also, if i go into full screen mode, i can see the
> status bar again.
> so the problem isn't the the status bar is missing...it's not. it appears
> to be that the main window for ie is sized incorrectly...the default size for
> the ie window is too big to allow for the status bar and the taskbar.

The thing that is missing from your description is that you are noticing this
while the window is already maximized, which means that you can't resize
or move it.

In XP the simplest way to fix this symptom is to set the Taskbar so that
Auto-Hide is unchecked. This causes the problem symptom but it is also an
essential condition for the following repair. Use the Accessibility Utility Manager
(e.g. press Win-U) and activate its Magnifier. That will resize a maximized
window. Then when you toggle the Magnifier off again the maximized window
will be resized again, thus making it fit in the screen boundaries left
when the Taskbar is fixed.

Another way to fix it is to resize the Taskbar (e.g Alt-Space,S,CursorUp,...)
but if you already have it the size you like and you have it locked,
unlocking it and resizing and relocking it again would be more work.

> not sure if that's entirely clear, but if anyone could help, i'd appreciate
> it! happy to send screenshots as well if nec.
> thanks!

I don't have Vista and don't know if these same procedures work in it.


Robert Aldwinckle

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