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Re: Configure Server 2008 to join SBS 2003 Domain


kj [SBS MVP]

kj [SBS MVP] wrote:

> Merv Porter [SBS-MVP] wrote:

>> Thinking out loud here...
>> How about installing the Win2008 Ent as a DC on a 64-bit capable
>> laptop (do not activate it), take it to the main office, join it to
>> the domain, replicate AD, then bring it back to the shop. Then
>> install Win2008 Ent on the new server hardware as a DC and replicate
>> AD from the laptop DC to new server hardware. Would that work? If
>> it would, you might also be able to create a Win2008 virtual machine
>> on a 64-bit laptop where Hyper-V has been installed and then use that
>> VM for replicating the AD.
>> Or maybe even installing Disk2VHD to the SBS 2003 at the main office,
>> and creating a VHD of the SBS 2003 to an external USB drive. Then
>> bring the ext. drive back to the shop and create a VM with it on a
>> server with Hyper-V installed. Then do the AD replication.
>> You *may* have to refrain from any further AD updates in the SBS 2003
>> server after capturing the VM, until the new server was in place at
>> the main office.
> I think I'd probably take the pain and suffering of doing a domain
> join over a VPN first Dave.
Ooops SB Merv not Dave.


> Surprised Russ didn't take issue with an offline domain join without
> using a wizard. :-)
> You can keep the flying car, I want my jetpack - one that lasts all
> week not just a few seconds.
> Hey, we got multipassword policies, offline domain joins, AD recycle
> bins, domain renames. Now if we could just get domain prune and
> grafts, I'd be a happy camper.

>> "kj [SBS MVP]" <[email protected]> wrote in message
>> news:[email protected]

>>> [email protected] wrote:
>>>> Client has an exisiting 2003 SBS Domain. They purchased Server 2008
>>>> Ent Edition and that will be setup and configured with a software
>>>> application and users before it is sent to the site that has the
>>>> 2003 SBS. 10 machines are also being configured to connect to the
>>>> 2008 Server before the server and computers are sent to the 2003
>>>> SBS location. Can the 2008 server be setup as a domain before it is
>>>> shipped and then moved to the SBS 2003 domain once it gets there?
>>> Not today, not with any current SBS version, but a new feature in
>>> Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7 does allow offline domain joins. So,
>>> someday in the SBS world it may be possible, but not yet.
>>> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd392267(WS.10).aspx
>>> --
>>> /kj

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