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mose people that use the CMD that much hate any kind of eye candy.

My experience is that the windows classic is too bloated for them...

I myself most of the time use a theme (msstyle) that is called "os classic
that is minimalized even more that windows classic style, for example the
start button is only a small square that takes up very little space on the

For now though after all this vista craze I have vistaXP, the msstyle MS
pulled from the internet because it made XP look too much like vista! lol

After that 10 similar themes poped up around... lol some things you just
cannot stop.

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>> Yes, it is :)
>> "Keith Hill" wrote:
>>> Can anyone confirm (or deny) that console windows in Vista get themed
>>> like
>>> other windows (rounded corners, glass effect borders, etc)? The console
>>> windows in XP annoy me because the look crappy compared to my other XP
>>> themed windows. And yes, I spend a lot of time in console windows - CMD
>>> Prompt in the past and now Monad/MSH.

> Oh be still my beating heart! Thanks for putting me at ease about that
> issue. This issue has bugged me ever since XP shipped and considering
> that was over 4 years ago, if this didn't get fixed in Vista I'd be
> looking at another 3 to 4 years of waiting. :-)
> --
> Keith

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