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RE: Fedora 9: install attempts freeze


> I'm attempting to create a new virtual machine in Virtual PC 2007
> ( for Fedora 9. I downloaded the DVD ISO last night. I
> created a new VM with 1GB of memory and 16GB disk. I can boot the VM
> and have successfully booted off the ISO image.
> The problem? No matter what options I put for booting (text vs GUI
> doesn't matter, either) the load stops around the following area:
> system 00:0c: iomem range 0x0-0x0 could not be reserved
> It doesn't stop on that line every time, but near/around that part of
> the boot process. When it hits the freeze, I have to reset the VM.
> CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work. I'm not getting the "unrecoverable
> processor error", but I did try adding the 'noreplace-paravirt'. It
> didn't help.
> Any suggestions on what I might try to get this loaded?

The parametre clock=pie sems to be the solution.
My installation runs since I wrote this parameter ( Suse 11, Fedora LTSP)


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