RE: Foldes Share Happy Users Thread



Good point, in fact i have become so reliant on this service to sync my
favorites and my college work that I only notice when it doesn't work!
Imagine my surprise when I open my laptop tp find documents not sync'd. I
hope they get it fixed soon, and I really wish they would put some effort
into this product. It is sad to see something so good picked up and then
allowed to ljust sit there...

"KD" wrote:

> I think to balance this thread users should write-in how they are using this
> very useful service.
> In our case, we have office in Virginia, New York and mobile workers with
> laptops carrying data cards on cell service in West Virginia, Pennsylvania
> and Kentucky.
> We have been able to share business documents, photos taken in remote
> locations, and scanned documents.
> There was no way to do this in any other fashion because mobile workers
> would have very slow connections when travelling.
> Also, you never know what specifically you may need and it would take a long
> time to download.
> This way one can carry all project materials with us.
> It has been a wonderful productivity enhancement for our group.
> This program is a great service and it just works, no complaints.
> --
> KD

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