Re: FPS much lower in vista than in xp...


Glenn Edler

Oh damn =( but nVidia released new drivers a week ago, but it isn't better
with them, not for me atleast =/

Isn't there any other solution than using ATI?

"Paul Smith" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> It's nVidia's drivers, if you've got an ATI card lying around use that
> instead they're practically the same speed as XP now.
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> "Joe" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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>> While running counter-strike source full tilt at 12x10 in xp i get about
>> 100-250 fps, that rarely drops under 70 or so. However, when i switch to
>> my
>> vista hard drive and try to run the game it gets about 30-40. I installed
>> the
>> latest drivers from nvidia, with some difficulty, and made sure the rest
>> of
>> my drivers are up to date. Has any one else experienced the same
>> performance
>> loss? I had read that gaming was supposed to be way better in vista, and
>> it
>> seems to be quite the opposite...
>> PC specs
>> Athlon X2 4200+ overclocked to 2.4 ghz
>> 1 gig ultra ram @ 400 mhz
>> Nvidia 7900 graphics card
>> 120 gig maxtor hd
>> Fatality nforce 4 mobo


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