Re: Gmail problem



"Long[MSFT]" wrote:

> The WLMail team is currently investigating the best way to setup Gmail IMAP
> access and we will keep you posted.

Long -- Passing along another Gmail IMAP issue i ran into that was pretty

I also had some performance/speed issues when syncing, and may have solved
them but have not yet had a chance to see if they were fully resolved by the

I have a Gmail groups Admin account I set up with IMAP access in WLM -- this
account thus receives overflow of all mail sent to the domain where an
account does not exist.

I immediately noticed the Junk Mail folder was very large, growing quickly,
and my PC slowed to a crawl. I finally figured out the issue:
- the junk mail filter was accumulating mail at a rate of several per second
(i.e. thousands per day), and also adding these into my Gmail account online
with the 'Junk Mail' tag
- these were all spam, sent as I mentioned to addresses in my domain that
did not exist
- I determined that somehow the Junk Mail filter was processing mails before
Gmail's system had a chance to; it seems perhaps Gmail has a 'pre-spam'
filter of sorts
- Turning off the Junk mail filter solved the problem -- these mails stopped
accumulating in WLM, stopped appearing as tagged 'Junk Mail' in GMail, and
most interesting, also did not appear in Gmail's Spam folder

while this seemed to solve both the accumulation of so much spam, as well as
the performance issue, I now have no junk filter on any of my other pop

It would be nice to be able to apply the Junk filter on an account by
account basis.

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