RE: Guild Wars


Robert Schoultz

Hello. I'm trying Guild Wars with build 5600 at the moment and I'm using
ATI's latest Vista drivers for my Asus ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition
card. The game works just fine and I was really impressed by the nice fps
performance compared to my old OS! However, I have some problems as well. The
game locks up the system completely after 20-30 minutes of playing.

Have you tried a later build of Vista + Guild Wars yet?

"DargZero" wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to play guild wars on vista 5384. The game runs surprisingly good
> compared to
> the 99% of my other games that aren't runnig at all, or with major
> performance degradations.
> I got a few small problems though, that makes me rather play it under
> windows xp:
> - I can't task switch,
> switching works out of the game fine, but i can't ever swith back
> (this is important to me, as I usually want to chat with messenger
> and/or
> adjust teamspeak while playing)
> - During loading, the screen flashes rather rude (between blank black, and
> the load-screen)
> It seems to me, that the video card / video driver is causing both of the
> minor issues.
> I'm using an Nvidia GeForce 6600GT, with the default video driver that comes
> with vista.
> Has anyone suffered from the same problems and found any solutions, please?

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