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I don't think aged beef is what you or vanilla are talking about, it seems
like that is a ways past the "aged" stage.

The bad news is that another bug is causing most of the quick views to not
find most of the entries for some of us, weird things are still with quick
views. Here is the post:
<news:[email protected]>

Thanks, Mike - Windows XP Pro SP2 WLM 12.0.1606.1023

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> Rob opined: "Red meat isn't bad for you....Blue, Green fuzzy meat is bad
> for you."
> I remember the first time I saw "aged" beef ... one of my relatives
> _likes_ aged beef. You are supposed to scrape the green fuzzy stuff off
> ... my stomach still gets upset when I think about it ... no! I didn't
> eat any! ... (g) vanilla
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>>> Hello,
>>> Yesterday I installed Windows Vista Live Mail. I accidently removed the
>>> Quick View Folder and now cannot find a way to get it back.
>>> Please can you help!!!
>>> Thanks
>> In WLM click View>Layout>Folder Pane>Show Quick Views
>> Rob
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>> Red meat isn't bad for you....Blue, Green fuzzy meat is bad for you.
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