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Re: How to display a variable value in a dialog box and how to read user input?

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Richard Mueller [MVP]

Tony wrote:

> Sorry for this newbie question, but how do I display a variable value from
> a *.vbs script
> in a dialog box and - secondly - how to read a user input from a dialog
> entry field
> into a *.vbs script variable?
You can use the MsgBox function to display anything. You can concatenate the
value of a variable into a string to display. For example:
strValue = "Error"
strMessage = "Value of variable strValue: " & strValue & "."
Call MsgBox(strMessage, vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "My Script Title")
Look up the MsgBox function in vbscript help. I run most scripts at a
command prompt using cscript. The MsgBox function pops up a box with the
message, but you can also echo to the command line with Wscript.Echo
statements. For example:
strValue = "Error"
strMessage = "Value of variable strValue: " & strValue & "."
Wscript.Echo strMessage
To get input from the user, use the InputBox function. For example:
strValue = InputBox("Enter a value", "My Script Title")
Wscript.Echo "The user entered the value: " & strValue
Again, check the help files for more syntax help, or search on "MsgBox" and

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