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>>> You can change the folders later on in the program itself, right click
>>> folder in left pane to delete (etc.) and "File > Include a folder in the
>>> Gallery" to add new folder.
>> Yes i did, but My Pictures and My Video are imported anyway. It seems
>> there's no way to exclude these folders...
>I looked at everything, but there's no way to exclude my pictures and my
>videos folders.
>I can add a folder from another position. In that case there is the option
>to exlcude it from photogallery in a second time, but the only way to
>exclude my pictures/videos is deleting them. Which is not the best thing.
>In my opinion PG should start with an empty collection. The user should have
>the chance to add him favourite folders then, instead of importing by
>default the two ones mentioned before.
Yes, I believe that would be good. You can't turn off the default. Sunshine
knows of my problem on one PC that I think may be caused by a dodgy file in the
library - either the file is corrupt or the tags may be messed up in some way.
If I had the ability to exclude the default folders from the library, I could
then add folders in one at a time until I narrowed down the culprit. In any
event, I think there should be an option to have a clean slate.
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I finally found a workaround to exclude default folders

I've just found a way to exclude default folders, my pictures and my videos
(shared pictures and videos folders are also added, but i phisically deleted
them since they are always empty and never used), from photogallery!
By default it adds these two ones and is impossible to exclude them (in my
pc at least). The only way is to delete them - which is not the best way...

The workaround consists in adding the root of these folders, and exclude it
In my case i added to the collection F:\, which contains all my documents
and includes my pictures and my videos folders. When it has been added,
photogallery lets you exclude it (and all its subfolders naturally), so that
you can have a clean collection and you're now able to add your favourites
directories only.

Hope this workaround could be useful to ones who don't like to have PG full
of every kind of pictures (like me) and prefer to add photo albums folders