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I agree ... when the "no expansion of threaded posts" (or whatever we should
call it) bug hit in WLM, I was greatly aggravated, so I went back to WM. Boy
was I glad the regular Windows Mail had not been removed ... vanilla

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> It never hurts to have two of something, in case one breaks
> down at an inconvenient moment. I also have two browsers
> for that reason.
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> Gary VanderMolen [MS-MVP WLM]
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>>I don't understand why this hasn't been addressed considering this
>> product is final, but who in the world decided to neglect the fact
>> that every Vista owner who already has Windows Mail will now have an
>> application that's almost exactly the same as it, slightly better, but
>> installed along side it and not as a replacement or upgrade? I thought
>> the Live team was all about standard sets of themes and integration
>> yet somehow a lot of people missed the elephant in the room. Who in
>> the heck wants two programs that are almost clones of each other? How
>> many people would install a program such as Adobe Photoshop CS3 and
>> not expect it to REPLACE CS2? I don't understand the logic. The same
>> problem applies to Windows Live Photo Gallery which -should- replace
>> Windows Photo Gallery but doesn't.

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