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Re: internet connection problem

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Robert Aldwinckle

(cross-post added to Vista Networking)
"vista via WindowsKB.com" <u33001@uwe> wrote in message
>I tried to hook up a dial up connection to a win XP.

Be more specific? Your E-mail name implies that you are doing this from
a Vista box? What kind? What kind of XP box are you trying to connect to?

> When I clicked dial up to the internet, it only let me choose broadband.

Connecting to an XP box is not necessarily connecting to the Internet... ; }

> It showed dial up, but it I couldn't click it. What do I do?

Prove that you have connectivity. Hint: just making two modems handshake
is not sufficient for that... <eg>

What does the XP box show for however it is serving its modem?
What are the properties of the (dialup) connections? Etc.

BTW this question has more to do with either of the OS that you are trying
to connect than with IE. Cross-posting to a Networking NG for convenience.


Robert Aldwinckle

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