Re: Issue viewing jpg thumbnails on network drive



On Dec 26 2007, 2:21 pm, Aztech-MLK <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hello everyone:
> I am having a problem viewing thumbnail images of jpeg files stored on
> a network drive using Vista Home Premium.
> I have a drive (p:) mapped to a network share on my Windows Home
> Server. This share contains many JPEG images from my digital camera,
> along with many subfolders. When I view the files in explorer, I am
> able to see a thumbnail view of the files for a few seconds, then they
> all disappear and are replaced with the generic jpeg icon.

I am experiencing a similar issue but using Vista Business Ultimate
and Windows Server 2003. Changing settings and clearing file caches
does not affect the issue.

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I had the same problem, and I just solved it.

Go to this page at WinHelpOnline, and download the "" file.

First I applied the disablenwthumb.reg patch and rebooted.

Then I applied the enablenwthumb.reg, and rebooted once again.

When Vista came back up, jpg and gif thumbnails were once again appearing on my network shares!

I also tried deleting the hidden thumbs.db files in the network share directories, and also deleting the Explorer thumbnail cache in my profile directory. Neither of those fixed the problem. But "disabling" and "re-enabling" network thumbnails in the registry did fix it.

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