RE: McAfee---Black Screen when booting Vista 5308 on Dell 5150



From your note it sounds like you have managed to install McAfee? How did you
do it? So far I have no luck getting it going and references I found so far
blaims IE 7.0 & McAfee not playing together. Is your experience any different?
CPU: Athalon 4000+
Optical Drive: Memorex CD-RW/DVD-ROM
Floppy: 1.44MB Sony
O/S: Vista Beta 2 Evaluation Copy 5308 (Installed: 7+ GB)

"Richard Fennell" wrote:

> I have been battling with Vista CTP (5308) for a few days. I have now
> installed it twice now on my Dell Inspiron 5150 (80MB drive, 2Gb memory,
> bios A38) and both times it has installed fine, automatically updated the
> Nvidia FX5200 driver via Windows update and let me install applications,
> even rebooting a few times as I go along and ending up with a working
> system.
> However in both cases when I came back to boot it the next day it will not
> boot to a login prompt. I end up at a black screen (not a blank screen)
> showing the build number in the bottom right. If I try to boot in VGA mode
> or Safe mode I get exactly the same. I even tried booting with digital
> signing off again no effect.
> The only option seems to be a reinstall, a lot of work each day if I want to
> use Vista!
> It seems I am not alone in this problem, but normally most people can get
> into Safe mode and remove some offending driver. This is not an option open
> to me as Safe mode does not work.
> The most common theory seems to be it is the Nvidia driver; so I booted with
> the install disk, and opened a command prompt and had a poke around on drive
> C: I renamed the nv4_mini.sys driver, had not effect on the Safe mode boot,
> and killed the 'real boot'. This made me think it might not be the video
> driver, as you would expect the VGA or Safe mode work.
> I also thought it might be my Mcafee VirusScan 8 anti virus (though it
> seemed to run OK, but won't auto-update), so I renamed the Network
> Associates directory, again to no effect.
> So I am open to any ideas

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