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Re: Mob-ocracy and the Fall of the Republic


Zack Whittaker

America can *be* under attack as far as I'm concerned... as long as it isn't
England, I'm not too fussed ;o)

Zack Whittaker
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that up!

--: Original message follows :--
"The Right Perspective" <trp@gmail.com> wrote in message
> Are we fools? Or are we slaves? As in the film Gladiator, are we as a
> nation
> going from free men to slaves? Would we restore the Republic? Are we even
> still
> living in a Republic? Or a mob-ocracy? And where is our representation in
> government? Frank concludes that We have gone from civilized law to
> "jungle law"
> or to the "mob-ocracy" - he who screams the loudest gets the service.
> John explains how White America is under attack, and how the Left looks to
> destoy American's way of life through the immigration issue.
> Also, Australia calls in to the show for the first time... Easter
> celebrations
> in Iceland... segregation making a comeback?... your calls at 718-761-9996
> and much more.
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