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Re: MSN Messenger 8.5 keeps randomly logging me out ...........

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PA Bear [MS MVP]

Forwarded to Windows Live Messenger-specific newsgroup via crosspost.
~PA Bear

vancouverguero wrote:

> then it'll sign back in with the same logging out issues!?!?! what
> gives??????
> its MSN version 8.5.1302.1018. Yes I have tried uninstalling and
> re-installing. But 4 some reason when I am logged in2 MSN Messenger I can
> not change the status (ie.. offline,away,appear offline) and when I try 2
> MSN just states unable to perform... and logs out of MSN.
> I run Windows XP sp2 with Kaspersky Internet security and w/
> SpyWareBlaster. This is really going to bother me as my other hotmail had
> the same problem with MSN and I had to ditch that email.......and if this
> happens with my only active hotmail account.... I will scream!!!!!!!!!!

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