Re: Music problems with older games


James Matthews

This is because the later versions of Directx are only suited for later

On 10/19/09 7:19 AM, Ragnos wrote:

> Hello, guys. I have just registered after I have discovered this forum.
> I have a problem (which for me is a big one although nobody else seems
> to take notice): Older games which play their ingame music from cd, play
> it fine for one time and then they stop. If you want to bring it back
> you have to restart the game (save, quit, restart). That is annoying!!!
> I have noticed this in the following games (there must be more):
> Galactic Battlegrounds, The Settlers 3, Cultures, Cultures 2. While in
> Galactic Battlegrounds the music lasts for about half an hour, in the
> other games the respective titles for that mission last only for
> minutes. The cd player should then repeat the same music. That's the way
> it always worked (since Windows95!).
> Does anyone know of a way to reenable this repeat function? It would be
> so great, because this destroys the atmosphere of these games in an
> unbearable way!(No, copying the files to mediaplayer and then starting
> this out of the game is no viable solution, in my opinion.)

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