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RE: Network Error 0x80004005


Carl Fantin


> This morning I had problems with my host machine NIC. It was able to send
> packets, but not receive. I uninstalled the nic, rebooted, and reinstalled.
> Now my host machine is working properly. However, now none of my VMs can
> access the network at all. I get error the follow error in the Virtual Server
> Network Configuration page: "The virtual network’s configuration information
> could not be retrieved. Microsoft Virtual Server could not complete the
> operation due to an unexpected error (0x80004005)." I tried uninstalling and
> reinstalling Virtual Server. However, I ddn't make sure that all config files
> and registry keys were removed. Anyone seen this before?
I had the same issue after updating the drivers for my network card. To resolve it I added the "virtual machine network services" service back to the network card. I did not have to make any changes in virtual server after rebooting the machine.


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