Re: Option to minimize to tray when closed like Messenger



I do not think it's working right with this version. It minimizes to system
tray when closed with X or File Exit and if it is Minimized. The only
closure is right click on the tray icon and choose Exit from the list or
using Task Manager. I don't mind [it keeps the recovering to a minimum], I
just thought someone might want to change it some way.

Thanks, Mike - Windows XP Pro SP2 WLM 12.0.1606.1023


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> On Fri, 19 Oct 2007 14:11:15 -0700, Gary VanderMolen wrote:

>> WLM is not an IM program, and it needs to keep the same behavior
>> as other POP email programs.
> IMHO, IM programs need to keep the same behavior as other programs.
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