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Re: Pls help, New notebook preinstalled with vista keeps freezing



titangal27 wrote:
> Hi guys, I bought a new acer notebook today and it came preinstalled
> with vista.
> I got the acer aspire 5610-2328, intel pentium dual core processore,
> and it has a lot of space 120 gb, and 1gb so I know space is not a
> problem.
> I've only been using it for a couple of hours and it has already FROZEN
> 5 times. Yes 5 times. The last time, it froze right after it finished
> booting. The only thing I'm doing when it freezes is surfing the net
> with IE.
> And ctrl atl del doesn't work either when it freezes. I press those
> buttons and nothing happens, so I have to reboot the notebook.
> What's the problem? Is it my laptop or vista?? Thanks.

The operative words are "new notebook" and "using it for a couple of
hours". Take it back immediately! Most probably the freezing is caused
by bad hardware but it doesn't matter. Return it for a new machine and
don't wait.

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"Don't Panic!"
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