Re: Powershell 2 Install SBS 2008


Marco Shaw [MVP]

I would recommend you go ask this in a SBS forum since you're concerned with

Depending on whether you have SQL 2008 installed or not, you are going to
need PowerShell if you do.


"Jeff B" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]

> I have a small office running SBS2008 on a Dell 610 Server, 64bit. I am
> the
> owner and sysadmin, though a novice, not an IT guru. My problem is that
> installed Powershell 2.0 and then proceeded to crash after taking well
> over
> an hour and a half to install.
> It was taking a long time to install so I decided to head to lunch and
> just
> let it run by itself. After I got back an hour later, (90 min of
> installing
> so far) it re-booted, with the onscreen message to not turn off the
> computer,
> it took another hour or so, and appeared to be hung up. I thought it had
> permanently damaged the OS I decided to manually restart the Server with a
> hard boot. It then uninstalled but took another hour or so to do so, and
> at
> one point I thought it wouldn't boot into the OS.
> Now I get a constant error message alert that it isn't installed. What
> went
> wrong? How do I go about installing Powershell 2.0 correctly. I don't want
> the associated problems I had before, downtime, fear that the entire
> system
> would be corrupted, etc.
> Are there certain updates it should have before it installs Powershell? I
> highly doubt that I will be using Powershell, we're a small office, so
> unless
> it's needed by other MS software etc., I can get along without it. If I
> don't
> need this, how do i get rid of the alert messages? Any assistance would be
> greatly appreciated.