RE: Red Alert 2 including the new "Decade" DVD



Hi Kimco,

I gave the First Decade an go the other day in RC1 and Red Alert 1 and Red
Alert 2 both ran for me the same as they do in XP, the only thing missing is
RA2's multiplayer as theres no IPX support at the moment.
All I did was set the First Decade launcher in SP2 compatability mode then
ran the games through that.
I'm using a 6600gt graphics card and an XP3200 processor using the latest
nvidia drivers off their site - I didn't try running it with the built in


"Kimco Tech" wrote:

> One of the old games that I still play a lot to relax simply will not work on
> my Vista Beta. I even went and got the new DVD thinking perhaps it would work
> there, but no joy. The only on that runs is "Generals" and "Generals Zero
> Hour". I have read somewhere that some people were able to make it work out
> of the box so I am not sure if perhaps the video driver or what is the hang
> up. If I force it to run it says ***FATAL*** String manager failed to
> initalize properly. I went to the program and added Windows XP SP2
> compatability but still no joy. The recommendation is to go to "Westwoods"
> website but of course all it says there is it is known not to run. As
> evidenced by the recent release of Command and Conquer Decade, there are an
> awful lot of us out there still playing what I think is one of the best war
> strategy games around (RA2). Generals is lame when it comes to strategy. So,
> has anyone really made this work? I sure hope I don't become one of those
> peeps that keeps an old operating system in order to make a program usable
> like I know of a couple die hard Windows 98 geeks. Translated, I hope
> Microsoft fixes this incompatability issue at least with the compatability
> wizard. (which I am not sure I ever found to work on any program I've used it
> on :(. )
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> Kimco Tech

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