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RE: Red Alert 2 including the new "Decade" DVD

Hi, Kimco

You can do it just right click on the file "ra2.exe" and select "Run as
administrator", enjoy it. You need to do this just for once, it will work
properly after that.

But multiplayer will still not supported because no IPX support in Vista.

"Kimco Tech" wrote:

> One of the old games that I still play a lot to relax simply will not work on
> my Vista Beta. I even went and got the new DVD thinking perhaps it would work
> there, but no joy. The only on that runs is "Generals" and "Generals Zero
> Hour". I have read somewhere that some people were able to make it work out
> of the box so I am not sure if perhaps the video driver or what is the hang
> up. If I force it to run it says ***FATAL*** String manager failed to
> initalize properly. I went to the program and added Windows XP SP2
> compatability but still no joy. The recommendation is to go to "Westwoods"
> website but of course all it says there is it is known not to run. As
> evidenced by the recent release of Command and Conquer Decade, there are an
> awful lot of us out there still playing what I think is one of the best war
> strategy games around (RA2). Generals is lame when it comes to strategy. So,
> has anyone really made this work? I sure hope I don't become one of those
> peeps that keeps an old operating system in order to make a program usable
> like I know of a couple die hard Windows 98 geeks. Translated, I hope
> Microsoft fixes this incompatability issue at least with the compatability
> wizard. (which I am not sure I ever found to work on any program I've used it
> on :(. )
> --
> Kimco Tech

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