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RE: search folders for .config files



Both of you, thank you for your comments.

I agree that another venue would have been better, but in the Managed
newsgroups this was the closest. I acknowledged that in my initial post.
Thank you for the reference to one.

The search setting was certainlt tried, Andrew.

Turns out there is a Registry entry one can make for this. Explorer IS
selective about what it searches, regardless of what you set in the options.
See KB article 309173. It took rebooting the server, not just logging of and
in again, to make this work.

"NormD" wrote:

> It isn't clear this is the right place to post this, but it IS related to
> .NET CONFIG files...
> Windows Explorer (at least on W2003Server) doesn't seem to know that .config
> files exist. Searching for them as .config, *.*config, *.exe.config and
> other combinations, even when you can see them in a directory - let alone in
> sub-directories of for those containing text - doesn't work. I've seen the
> KB article on Explorer being selective in what it searches (which I think is
> dumb) and even made the suggested Registry entry, all with no success. I've
> also enabled seeing OS files on the off chance that would halp. Nope. I'm
> sined on as Administrator on the server.
> Strangely enough, if there is a readonly share set up a workstation CAN see
> the files, but if the share has full permissions the WS doesn't see the files!
> Suggestions, recommended tools, etc.?

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