RE: Security Center won't turn on



hi i have a vista as well with the same props. with four hours of surfing i
found this ppl . use this link
funny realy this works and it turns back on in your security center , as i
was the first day it was turn on. i have seen other reply,s i dont think it
will work for xp , sorry ppl.
"Brickner" wrote:

> I did a clean instal of Vista Ultimate, everyhting was running great. The
> security center informend me I did not have antivirus software on my system
> and suggested a few that were Vista compatible. I have used symantic
> antivirus in the past so I picked up the latest norton antivirus 2007 and
> installed it. It never worked, and I kept getting an error saying it could
> not migrate virus definitions and vista was not compatible. So i unistalled
> with Norton removal tool. During the instal of norton antivirus and
> afterword, I have not been able to turn the windows security system on. When
> I try, it just says "the secuirty Center cannot be started".
> Any suggestions?

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