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RE: Thunderbird



"vernon" wrote:

> With the choices of vista mail and live mail, has anyone used Thunderbird
> and happy with it
I've been using Thunderbird email for the last year or so, and have just
gone to Windows Mail. This is the first time in many years that I have gone
back to any Microsoft product, but I find T-Bird to be more awkward to use
than Win Mail.

If I had to name one irritation in T-Bird, it is the annoying pop-up that
informs me "one or more recipients of this email are listed as not being able
to receive html etc.," though the email I am replying to came in html. I
have not been able to find how to turn that off, and life is too short to
waste on foibles of eccentric software. (Says the Photoshop CS2 struggler)

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