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RE: Trouble copying file from Virtual PC to host


nieco troy adams


> I'm getting an error when I try to copy a file from Virtual PC to my host
> computer. The error I am getting is "Virtual PC has encountered an error on
> the host while copying files" followed by "An error in Virtual PC has
> occurred(d3)."
> I should add that I have Virtual Machine Additions installed and I've been
> able to copy files from the host to Virtual PC. I don't understand why I
> can't copy files in the other direction.
> If I can't get this to work, my other option is to try creating a shared
> drive but I'd like to get the copy to work since it's simpler.
> Any ideas?
how do u copy a file of any type from a host to a virtual system
im running win px pro sp3 as the host and the same as the virtual

how do i copay a file from the host 2 the virtual and visa versa and how do i create a shared doc between em and how do i use the shared document

im new so i dno

oh and how do i get the internet working in my virtual system aswell as my host at the same time

plz elp me cus i iz so confused init blad

seriously tho i do need help on this 1 plz

ma emails are

cheers buddies

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