RE: Video problem in Civilization IV Warlords



I had the same problem. It turns out the newest ATI drivers are the problem.
Go to the device manager and select the Display Adapters. Then double-click
on your card and go to the driver tab and select Roll Back Driver.

That should do it.

"Drez" wrote:

> No where in these forums or elsewhere on the net can I find any information
> about this problem, which I'm not used to, but hey, welcome me to using beta
> software I guess.
> Anyways in Civ4, any 2d flat images are displayed fine, but any 3d stuff on
> the bottom part of the screen is mostly blocked out by blue or black stuff.
> Confused? A picture is worth a thousand words, I can email a screenshot to
> anyone who is interested.
> Also, I have a ati radeon x1600 with vista rc 1 drivers.

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