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Hi Colin Barnhorst,
I have Micrsoft Virtual PC 6.0.156. on window XP OS, currently 3 hard
disk are enabled, i need to add one more hard disk on the virtual PC. I am
attaching my setting of virtual PC for reference.

Hard disk 1 - Window Server 2003
Hard disk 2 - bi.vhd
Hard disk 3 - hyp.vhd

I need to add one more Hard disk 4 and enable - fm.vhd

i am not microsot techi, i just want to eable the 4th hd to run my
application for development.

Please advice on this.

Thanks in advance,

"Colin Barnhorst" wrote:

> The vm has to be completely shut down first. Then open the Settings for the
> vm, select Virtual Hard Drive 2 or Virtual Hard Drive 3, browse to the
> location of the new .vhd, and select it. Restart the vm.
> "Fabian" <Fabian> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]

> >I cannot add a new virtual hard disk in settings of any virtual PC that i
> > created. I execute the Virtual Hard Disk wizard, and create a new hard
> > disk
> > in my physical drive "D" on my machine, but i cant show up in the Virtual
> > machine.
> >
> > somebody can help me ?????
> >
> > Thaks a lot !!!!!
> >
> >

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