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Re: Vista "Attempting to Authenticate" wireless


Marco Almenta

I had the same problem when moving from XP to Vista on my laptop.
Just turned off WPA and wireless works again. It is a problem of wireless
negotiation, obviously.
I have MAC filter but not WPA encryption, then.

This is some Vista bug since my XP connects with router under WEP and WPA
immediately, as far as i have tested.

"Moe Man" <MoeMan@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> Hello. I am using 2 identical HP laptops which have been using the built
> in
> broadcom wireless adapter and WPA-PSK, for a week now with no problem
> until
> today. 1 has stopped working. As easy transfer cable was not working I
> decided to manually move all my data over my network from an XP machine to
> a
> Vista one. Long story short the vista machine hung during moving data and
> needed rebooting. Now the wireless on the vista machine will not connect.
> It
> sees the SSID, wireless keys are correct ( I still have 3 other laptops
> wirelessly on the network), but within Network and Internet -> network
> connections the wireless network connection says "attempting to
> authenticate"
> for the last 5 hours! What has changed? Why is it doing this? My other
> identical laptop still works flawlessly! Please help!!!