RE: vista installation issues (5308)


Walt S

I am also having problems getting 5308 to work on a tablet PC, this one is a
Compaq tc4200.

My first attempt was to upgrade from XP Pro (Tablet edition) and was a total
disaster. It would not boot at all, but hung after the intial splash screen.

I did a clean install, formatting the hard drive NTFS. Now it boots, and the
most frequent symptom is to display the Taskbar and a few desktop icons then
bluescreen with "Bugcheck 7e, parameters 0x80000003, 0x8150455a, 0x85610938,

Next, I booted into Safe Mode, and using the HP Drivers CD, I installed all
of the drivers (XP versions of course) for the devices that were not working.
That bought me a few minutes running in normal mode, then (even if I do
nothing on the machine) any or all of Windows Explorer, Host Services, or
Task Scheduler quit working, and (sometimes) restart themselves. Finally,
the BSOD appears.

Any help, hints, etc. will be welcome!


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