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Sascha Benjamin Jazbec

Install and run Software /Driver as Administrator ( right click the *.exe
and look under Properties )
Try test it with UAC disabled, but only to see if this is the reason.
UAC should be enabled for security reasons when online.
Hit F8 on Boot to disable digital driver-signature-force BEFORE installing
Sounddrivers ( does work only in 32bit Vista )


"BrawlyColossus" <[email protected]> schrieb im
Newsbeitrag news:[email protected]
>I am having a problems with installed programs having complete access in
> Vista. For example, I have installed the ATI Catalyst Drivers for Vista,
> as
> well as the Vista drivers for Creative soundcards. This is my problem;
> several functions in the software are not allowed permission to run,
> either
> because of Vista directly, or because of Microsoft Defender? In the
> Defender
> Software Explorer folder under the heading Registry: Local Machine,
> several
> key components for ATI and Creative are identified as "Not yet classifed,"
> and do not have permission to run. With the ATI software installation the
> "CLI," component is critical for running games, yet it is not allowed to
> run.
> How do I resolve this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thank
> you.

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