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You can speedup favorites in IE7 if you use this program: ccleaner (freeware)

"RalfG" wrote:

> This is a new Vista Home Premium install and the problem didn't manifest
> until 2nd day after installation. I've seen on the web that the symptom has
> been reported before and for a long time, though not widespread, and there
> is a workaround which works but I haven't seen any actual cause or solution.
> Among the symptoms:
> -Slow loading home page
> -Slow or non-responsive IE7 menu items
> -very slow loading Favorites list
> -missing content in Favorites sub-folders, sometimes root folders
> -IE7 menu items sometimes don't display
> Initially IE7 appeared to work normally when the Vista installation was
> clean (dual boot with MCE 2005). Windows Vista updates and various drivers
> were installed on the first day without causing any problems. Began adding
> in assorted software, Adobe Flash etc., and later on the 2nd day imported my
> previous Favorites as a "bookmarks.htm" file that had been exported from IE7
> in MCE 2005. It was shortly after that when IE7 slowed down to a crawl.
> I did try a number of things to correct the problem, none of which worked,
> including:
> -turn off phishing filter
> -turn off pop-up blocker
> -disabled ALL Add-ons
> -deleted IE7 cache, history, cookies
> -disabled Windows Defender
> -used IE7 RESET function
> -deleted all contents of Favorites folder
> -uninstalled Java
> There was no 3rd party firewall software or antivirus installed at the time.
> Subsequently Avast was installed (no change and no malware detected) and
> removed again to be replaced by ZoneAlarm Internet security suite (no change
> and no malware detected).
> By way of diagnostics I also installed Firefox to see how it behaved with
> the same set of favorites and I enabled access to the Favorites links on the
> Start programs menu. Neither of those exhibited any slowness or problems
> displaying or accessing the links.
> The only thing that did work to completely eliminate the symptoms in IE7 is
> a workaround for the problem described on the net, namely to disable
> Protected Mode for the Internet Zone in the IE7 security settings. Protected
> Mode can be left enabled in other zones and has no effect on this issue if
> it is disabled in any zone except the Internet Zone.
> This is a list of the 3rd party software and drivers that were installed
> while the problem was first noticed:
> -Logitech QuickCam drivers and software
> -Canon- Canoscan 4200 drivers, Canoscan Toolbox, My Printer, iP3300 printer
> utilities, Easy Photoprint, Easy Photoprint EX
> -Scansoft Omnipage
> -Adobe Flash
> -Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributable
> -Adobe Reader 8.1.1
> -Java 6 update3
> -Epson Twain 5 (not supported in Vista but works)
> -Steam
> -Realtek High Definition Audio driver ver. R184
> -Microsoft Intellipoint 6.2 software & drivers
> -Windows Live -Mail, Messenger, Sign-in Assistant, Installer
> -ATI Catalyst ver.7.12 drivers and CCC
> -Viewsonic Vista signed driver files (which haven't managed to update my
> monitor)
> -ffdshow filter
> -Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5.5
> I don't know whether these contributed to causing the issue, but aside from
> any initial errors Vista had when it first set up the hardware there were
> subsequent errors when trying to install drivers for 2 scanners... Epson
> Perfection 1200U and CanoScan 4200F. Both scanners do function now. It also
> initially detected the webcam model incorrectly but downloaded drivers for
> that work normally. Attempts to install generic drivers (BTC and HP) for an
> HP OEM keyboard failed and required using System Restore. The keyboard
> presently only has basic functions using MS generic drivers.
> So, anyone have ideas why enabling Protected Mode in IE7 would be causing
> the slowness?

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Hi, I have exactly the same thing going on! I've been trawling the net for help but have never come across such an exact match as yours, I could have written it myself. Now the important question is ... did anyone get back to you with helpful answers? I've got a few things to try like disabling Protection Mode in the Internet Zone, doing the REIS thing (resetting IE settings in Tools>Internet Options), running IE with no add-ons and lastly (& desperately) uninstalling and reinstalling IE7. I haven't tried anything yet, I'm trying to get all information possible first. As yours is the only exact match for my problems I'm really hoping that you've managed to find a miraculous cure! Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Jane.

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