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Re: website not loading

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Robert Aldwinckle

(cross-post added to Vista Networking)
"Pete" <pitsofearth@msn.com> wrote in message
> Now have the answer to the problem.
> My IP address was causing the problem in that it started with
> 91.xxx.xxx.xxx - apparantly addresses starting with 90 will not connect to
> some sites and I had to keep rebooting my router to get a new IP address
> assigned until I got one starting with 80.xxx.xxx.xxx!!
> Weird, but this cleared the problem

Wow. That's outside the normal expertise of the IE NG.
Cross-posting to Vista Networking for possible explanation.


Robert Aldwinckle

> "Pete" <pitsofearth@msn.com> wrote in message
> news:OsUA5h4pHHA.196@TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
> Hi Don
> First of all, thank you for your help in trying to sort this problem.
> I have done everything you suggest but unfortunately no success. I have
> hooked up another computer to my network and even this fails to load the
> website! One thing that is common to all this is the ADSL router so I guess
> this is the culprit. I'll try resetting it and if this doesn't then
> borrowing a different router. Will let you know what happens.
> In the meantime, if you can think of anything else I might try please let me
> know.
> Pete
> "Don Varnau" <don_04[at]varnau[dot]org> wrote in message
> news:OgnjKnwpHHA.3952@TK2MSFTNGP03.phx.gbl...
>> Hi,
>> Have you, at some point, powered down the router and (broadband?) modem
>> for
>> a few minutes?
>> Or, re-enable the Windows Firewall and disable ZA, as a test.
>> [Vista]
>> This is major surgery, but you might try the Reset button in Internet
>> Options> Advanced. Note that this will delete stored (autocomplete)
>> passwords. Do you have those recorded elsewhere?
>> 923737- How to use Reset Internet Explorer Settings (RIES):
>> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923737/en-us
>> Less radical... clear the Temporary Internet Files, History and Cookies
>> related to the troublesome site (or all cookies.)
>> It shouldn't be affecting both OS's but...
>> Try clearing the DNS Cache
>> Start> Run> cmd [enter]
>> ipconfig /flushdns
>> Then clear the Temporary Internet Files and restart.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Don
>> [MS MVP- IE]
>> "Pete" <pitsofearth@msn.com> wrote in message
>> news:%23kaKI6rpHHA.3252@TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
>>> I found two Hosts files under \Windows\System32\Drivers\etc - one each
>>> for
>>> the XP and Vista installations - neither of them contain any reference to
>>> the website in question and renaming them did not make any difference.
>>> Still can't open the website!
>>> In the XP Hosts file the only entry is
>>> localhost
>>> In the Vista Hosts file the entries are:
>>> localhost
>>> ::1 localhost
>>> There is also a third Hosts file in the Vista installation in

>> \Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-w..nfrastructure......................
>> .....
>>> but I was denied access to this when trying to rename it (even though I

>> was
>>> running XP not Vista at the time) - entry in this file is the same as the
>>> one above for Vista.

>>> "Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM" <franksaunders@mvps.org> wrote in message
>>> news:33F7E7FD-DFDE-430C-860B-80B95C2FCDC7@microsoft.com...

>>> "Pete" <pitsofearth@msn.com> wrote in message
>>> news:OG8DJzqpHHA.3888@TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
>>> >I used to be able to load a particular website without problems but for
>>> > about a month now I keep getting "The page cannot be displayed". I can
>>> > open
>>> > all other sites without problem.
>>> >
>>> > I've asked a couple of my friends to try connecting and they are able
>>> > to
>>> > do so without diffculty.
>>> >
>>> > I use IE6. Windows firewall is turned off - I use Zone Alarm where
>>> > I've
>>> > put
>>> > the website in the trusted zone.
>>> >
>>> > I've tried using Firefox but again the website does not load. I have a
>>> > dual
>>> > boot machine and trying the website via the Vista installation (and IE7

>> &
>>> > Firefox) does not work either.
>>> >
>>> > Something on my computer is clearly preventing the website from loading
>>> > but
>>> > I cannot figure out what. Perhaps the router (the common denominator)

>> but
>>> > I've not changed anything here and don't see why it would prevent this
>>> > particular site from coming through.
>>> >
>>> > Would greatly appreciate some help/suggestions.

>>> Check for a file named HOSTS with no extension (not Hosts.sam). It may
>>> be

>> a
>>> hidden file. Open it with Notepad and remove any line referencing the

>> site.
>>> Or, rename HOSTS to OLDHOSTS



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