Re: Where Do Messages Go??


Michael Santovec

Select the folder then View (ALT+V), Show or Hide and make sure that
Show all Messages is selected. Also at View, if there is a check mark
in front of View by Conversation click to uncheck. Then in the folder
click on the DATE column heading to sort by date. See if you can then
find your missing messages.

Also note that each mail account has its own Sent Items folder and that
there is also one under Storage Folders used by newsgroups, and possibly
IMAP accounts. Make sure that you are looking at the correct folder.


Mike -

"AlexisMH" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]

> If there isn't a kink in my program and it's behaving as it should, I
> hope
> someone can answer my questions.
> Messages disappear. Example: I e-mailed a friend, who e-mailed me
> back. When
> I answered that response, I could find no trace of it in "sent mail"
> or
> anywhere else, and the item in my inbox maintained its appearance as
> unread
> mail. If I click "mark read" it disappears altogether. I've lost
> several
> messages this way.
> Also I seem to be unable to drag a message from one folder to another.
> It
> gets lost in the transporter, never to be seen again.
> What's going on?

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