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Re: where's eOpen?

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Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

dlw <dlw@newsgroup> wrote:

> OK, I skipped the part where I agree to give them my house, car,
> first born, and POA... I'm OK now.
Actually, you missed the part where you authorized transfer of all your
assets to the Cayman Islands bank account of the shell company that manages
my personality cult.

> "dlw" wrote:

>> I'm trying to get to eOpen to look at my licenses, but when I enter
>> eopen.com it is redirected to the VLSC (volume licensing service
>> center) and when I log in there an click on stuff it says I don't
>> have permissions.
>> Is eOpen gone? I use it all the time. Can someone tell me what is
>> up? Thank you.
>> Dan.

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