RE: WLM causes computer to shut down.



same problem here and can't find anything in the web. ????


"Goldfinger" wrote:

> Before last Wed WLM worked fine. Then it started to cuse my computer to shut
> down with the error screen that starts out saying an error has been detected
> & it has shut down to prevent damage to the computer. I added or removed
> nothing from my computer on Tues. It was working fine when I turned it off
> on Tues night, but start when I turned it on Wed morning. I have done a
> virus & spyware check with my software & also with the protection program
> from Microsoft. I have also uninstalled & reinstalled Live 3 time, but the
> same thing happens. Messenger & ewverything else is fine.
> Plus it now takes windows for eve to load.
> Any ideas???
> HELP!!!

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