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yeah same for me on beta two before RC1 dont have wow anymore quit the game.
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>> So far I've not had any problems running World of Warcraft save 1. Lately
>> I just realized that MODS written for WoW (Damage Meters, Threat Meters,
>> Auctioneer) do not get their data saved on exit. Everytime I start the
>> game all the mods are from a few weeks ago, ironically when I started
>> running WoW on Vista.
>> I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and if this culd be a
>> write permissions problem on Vista that didn't occur on XP?

> Quite possibly. Admin accounts on Vista run applications as 'limited' and
> prompt you when the application needs admin rights. This is called UAC,
> it sounds like the mods are writing to a location outside of your user
> directory and the prompt is failing to appear.
> You can disable this by clicking Start typing msconfig and pressing enter.
> This will open System Configuration clicking on the Tools tab will show a
> list of items, one will be Disable UAC, run that. Reboot the system and
> see if they can save their data after that.
> With this disabled an admin account will allow all applications admin
> rights by default.
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