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Realtek HD Audio Manager


EAA Docent

What is Realtek HD Audio Manager?
After I installed more memory, when I clicked on the speaker icon in the
lower right it said nothing was detected. So I took the CD that came with
the PC (DELL Insperion 530). When I installed the driver I got the Realtek.
I don't understand how that happened.


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Realtek is a sound devices manufacturer (loudspeakers, mic). The Audio
Manager utility comes with the Realtek audio driver, which you must have
installed from the Dell CD. It has nothing to do with the ram.



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I had a simmular problem, after upgrading the memory from 2x512 MB to 2x 2
GB, the Realtek sound device did not work on the next reboot.
Now the problem still exist, when i shuttdown the pc at night, and
restarting the pc in the morning the sound device is working fine, when i
restart the pc during the day
the sounddevice is not working.
The only sollution is to let the pc on, as long as possible or install a
external soundcard , and that is wath i have done.

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