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Redirecting StdOutout and Writing StdInput fails to Powershell Console,...


Kerem Gümrükcü


i create a "powershell.exe" process using .NET Process class and redirect
all input/output to a stream reader/writer. The interessting thing is, that
get no output when i write to the std input of the powershell process i
with my application. Seems that the powershell works kinda different from a
ordniary windows shell, since i dont have any problems in writing and
reading from a cmd.exe i created. please can someone explain me
the difference of the powershell and a ordinary windows cmd.exe, in
case of programming and redirecting input/output to the pwershell.
How can i pass input and get output from the poweshell with my application
using .NET Code. How i can write and read to stdin and out is
clear, but what should i take care fo, to be able to do this with the


Beste Grüsse / Best regards / Votre bien devoue

Kerem Gümrükcü
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