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RehanFX plugin for Vista: ShaderTFX v 1.0 released




I have made available a new plugin for Windows Movie Maker v6.0 (Vista)
called ShaderTFX - Shader Transitions and Effects. Version 1.0 is now
released for download.


The download comes with many useful built-in custom effects and
transitions (116 in total) such as:

* Advanced Chroma Keying (20 Bluescreen/Greenscreen transitions)
* Picture in Picture (23 PIP transitions)
* About 60 image based wipe transitions.
* Self color gradients (14 transitions)
* Electric effects (6 effects wiping a color over the picture).

All these run using full GPU performance (unlike currently available
custom effects from Pixelan).

It is trialware with 14 days of free usage. Afterwards it would require
obtaining a registration code for continueing usage of advanced features
(that use external texture) for a nominal fee.

Furthermore it allows making your won custom transitions and effects
based on directx shader files (.fx) and .xml. its a lot of fun for those
of you who love this sort of thing.

More discussion has been happening on WindowsMovieMaker forums where I
advertised the beta version a few weeks ago:

Best regards

Microsoft MVP Digital Media

My Computer

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