Reinstall/Fix Internet Explorer on Vista


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Hi, I'm having a few annoying problems with IE& on Vista, and I
wondered if there was a way to reinstall the IE7 components.

I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium edition (fully patched) and I
have a number of issues that have existed possibly since the machine
was built - i.e. I'm not sure it ever worked!

The problems include:
1. The Search tool bar doe not work, I can type in it - but
pressing enter, or the search icon does nothing
2. The drop-down list of "back history" does not appear ... the
back button functions fine, but the drop down does not work
3. Most annoying of all - downloads, or new windows that are
invoked via script do not work, there are two different versions of
this fault:
a) the window will open and do nothing, but you can "stop"
the page and press refresh -- and then it works fine.
b) if the window is a pop-up the URL is not populated, and
there is no way to stop / refresh ... in this case I have found no
work around (other than firefox).

The problem also exists in the "no add-ons" version - but I'm not a
fan of add-ons anyway, so I only run Google toolbar.

Can anyone help?


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get this: in order to repair ie7 on vista you have to repair the whole OS.

Smart thinking from MS right?

try the shortcut that launches IE7 with no plug-ins (add-ons)
that you will find in the start menu as below:

Start> All programs> accessories> system tools>
Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

see if that lets Ie7 work...

I would suggest you also downloading some antispyware like spybot search and
and adaware (search for them both on they are free)
as well as doing a scan with windows defender.

tell me if any of this helps

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I use avantbrowser from and firefox

avant is a shell for the ie engine... and has a far more usable interface
than the stupid one they
gave IE7 that is a peice of TRASH!!!!

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Hi Tiberius, thanks for your reply, as above the no-addons version
does not fix the issue, and spyware scans etc are clean. I think this
maybe a total rebuild required. which would be a pain, especially
since I don't know if this will fix the issue. I guess I can use the
process to identify what "causes" the issue.

Thanks again!

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Well, I did it ... started from scratch and discovered that the root
cause of the issue was an install for Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 -
without this installed it works fine, installing it causes the issue.
System Restore corrects it.

I hope this is of use to someone else :)

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I installed Firefox and laerturne dof the machin and when I logged back
on I go a add-on meeage for firefox I chicked yes - stupidly - and then
I got the couldn't connect message, which has alos now gone to Internet
Explorer. Anyone got any ideas to fix?

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