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Roaming Profile - shortcut reappears after reboot

We are on XP SP3/WinServer2003 environment.
Using roaming profiles with Mydoc/appdata being redirected.
What happens once in awhile is, when you delete a shortcut from desktop, and
reboot, the shortcut comes back. Keep in mind, this does not happen
everytime.. only once in a while.
So, for some reason, looks like the local cached profile is not being
updated on the server when logging off.

Lets look at this scenario:
- User deletes a shortcut on desktop.
- User logs off. But for some reason, the roaming profile failed to update
on the server. (Now this can happen in our environment, as we use DFS path in
our profile path, and it occassionally picks up a remote DC to do a slow link
detect test, and gets picked up as a slwo link.. and fails to synch the

Now, when the user logs back on, in theory, the local and server profiles
will synch, and as the local profile is newer, it should delete the shortcut
on the server profile. Is this correct? If so, i cant figure out why
sometimes, a deleted shortcuts come back after reboot.

Please note that, the user does not logon to any other machines.

Any ideas?

Thanks, DM.

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