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SBS2003R2, SQL Wkgp 2005, Sharepoint MSDE,Cant create 2005 Instanc

We have an SBS 2003 SP2 server that had the SharePoint with MSDE (Ver 80).
We installed the SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition from SBS Premium 2 DVD.
Throughout the installation we were not prompted for authentication method or
collation sequence however SQL installed without problem and we then
installed Sp2 & SP3.
We then created some empty databases but later realised they were created
under the MSDE instance but we want them installed under SQL 2005 work-group
which we installed. The databases are empty so we are happy to recreate them
if need be.
We tried uninstalling SQL 2005 database to start again but get the message
to reinstall from the source DVDs with SKUUPGRADE=1. We have reinstalling
with SKUUPGRADE=1 numerous times however we are not able to create a new
instance or upgrade the MSDE Sharepoint instance.
Whenever we attempt update we are only able to update the client components
& documentation.
We then shutdown the Sharepoint timer service & Sharepoint SQL service and
removed the Sharepoint Desktop Engine MSDE from Add/Remove programmes as per
these instructions:
We then attempted to reinstall sql server again from the source DVD but we
don't get the prompt for the instance name or other database setup options,
only get the options to install the client components and documentation.
The workgroup database now has no default instance (as the MSDE SharePoint
was removed via Add Remove Programmes) and we cannot run SQLServer as there
is no MSSQL Service listed in services now.
We have tried uninstalling all SQL Server 2005 from Add/remove programmes
and the dialogue shows no instances installed.
We then uninstalled SQL server via C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL
Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\arpwrapper /REMOVE which removed all the
components, including the SP3 upgrade.
But when we attempted to reinstall 2005 again from the source DVD, we still
don’t get prompted for the instance name, collation etc and no instance was
created. So we have the programmes installed but no instance.
Every way we try to uninstall & reinstall we either get the SKUUPGRADE=1
message which we use at the command line with setup from the DVD’s and
doesn’t help, so we have been unable to create a new 2005 instance.
How do we for a new install a new 2005 Workgroups instance? SQL server is
currently without one
How do we reinstall/upgrade so that SharePoint in Workgroups and not in MSDE?

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