Schema Library Project fails on first run

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Andy Brauninger

I just installed WinFS for the first time. I installed Beta 1 Refresh on a
system with Whidbey RTM. I can't get any Schema Library Projects to compile;
Visual Studio gives me two errors:

1. A conflicting assembly for the task assembly C:\Program Files\Microsoft
SDKs\WinFS\bin\WinFSBuildTasks.dll" has been found at
2. The "RemoveNonSchemas" task has been declared or used incorrectly, or
failed during construction. Check the speling of the task name and the
assembly name.

I get these errors both with my own Schema Library Project and with the
sample projects included in the WinFS install. I can't find any other way to
generate custom schema DLLs, so I'm kind of dead in the water.

Known issue? Any workarounds? Thanks.


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