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SearchIndexer using 100% of the CPU


Jeff The Tall

after noticing a noticable reduction in perfomance starting last weekend, I
found that search engine (SearchIndexer.exe) was using 100% of the available
processor and running in normal priority. This started around the time that I
uninstalled some old games.
Moving this to background (below normal) priority immedialty solves the
immediate problem, but continues to repro every time I boot the machien. And
when my wife or kids start this computer with out me, it is basicly useless.

when I go to the indexing options in the control panel: the dialog tells me
that indexing is not running. No further options are available.

When I go to service manager, I see Windows Search is started and is set up
to be automatically started at boot. But when I go to stop the service,
Service Control Manager tells me that this operation could not be completed,
and that the service did not answer in a timely maner.

short of turning off search forever, is there anythign that I can do to
recover this?

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Disabling this service doesn't "turn off search", it simply stops
indexing it, which will make searches take longer. Basically unless
you search for things constantly (or you store things everywhere and
you can't keep track) you can safely disable this service.

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